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Netflick’s House of Cards drama series is a remake of the 90s British TV Mini-Series. The all British cast does not disappoint in acting talent; however, the new House of Cards cast takes it up a notch, by taking you into the corruption of the American political system instead of the British system.

The cast leaves no dull moments as would be seen in other political or even crime drama type of series. In the new House of Cards series you can find proven veteran talents such as Kevin Spacey who represents the epitome of vanity and arrogance that only a politician would be able to do. This character is contrasted with lesser known talents such as Kate Mara who is plays an eager reporter committed to get what she wants no matter what the consequences. The

House of Cards cast is able to take the drama that exists between how humans interact in crazy situations and is able mix in the dynamic of the dirty world of politics. They leave the audience wondering if this is based on a series of true stories. Only Beau Willimon, creator of the House of Cards drama series, could answer that question.

The second season of House of Cards is bound to take viewers on the same or even better adventure ride with all the twists and turns in all the right places. Like other great drama series, such as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, the House of Cards cast will definitely not disappoint you.

This Netflick’s original series is set to release February 14, 2014. I would highly recommend you get a Netflick’s account and be one of the first to catch all the drama. Even though a drama this series will probably be a Valentine’s favorite.

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